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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


With Flash fiction on my mind, I figure these drabbles I write over the course of a month could go somewhere. And obviously this being my writing blog, it's the perfect place. 

I keep a small notebook with me while I'm at work. It has notes, drabbles, and sections of other stories scrawled across the pages. Some of the things are just random, and scribbled down while I digest my pb sandwich with CNN playing in the background mixed in the murmur of the break room. Ironically, the cover of this notebook is a snowy meadow. I've had it for years, but never had an interest in writing in it until this past December once WriMo was over.

But with all the random things I've written, I should finally share some of the short (short) fiction to others to get feedback--granted I'm not the best at giving feedback either, so I can understand the trepidation at giving criticism (or perhaps constructive cricticism/corrective feedback for those wanting a more positive title).

Plus, whatever isn't submitted to Flash Party can go here, right? Anyway, my current drabble for March's theme of "hiding place."


               My ears picked up on the sound of her giggle. I had to be close. This game had gone on long enough. Tugging open a cabinet, I found it stuffed of boxes; the closet was too cluttered with coats. Searching various locations, I still couldn't find her.
               "Ruby!" I called. Silence. A few more tentative steps, and I heard it; the echo of her laughter. My shoes scuffed on the rough cement floor as I crossed the garage. She sneezed, the sound coming from across the room. 
               I had searched; no box was left unopened. Exasperated, I stalked to the door. Click. My eyes roamed the now darkened space. Finally I spied her.

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