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Monday, February 28, 2011

Blanket Seas

Katie turned me on to this site, which is actually a really fun idea and thing to experience. Flash Party is a really fantastic idea. Taking the flash mob mentality, but applying it to writing and the internet. Make a statement and then be gone. More or less. But doing that in 250 words is where it's at.

I've always liked having word limits. It's a challenge and makes you think about what you want to say; the impact you want to make your words have--whether it's on purpose or by accident. But either way, I like coming up with such short, short stories to challenge myself. And to help you with the 250 words, they do have themes for every month.

February was "heat." So, after reading the submissions, getting my brain into gear, I finally sent in something.

Thanks for turning me on to this awesome way of writing, Katie. Once we get to tour together, we should go crazy with 250 word stories. :]

Blanket Seas -

                They bask on towels, baking in the rays. Her eyes are closed behind her sunglasses, blissfully enjoying the waves lapping at the sands. He sits up, downing some water; feeling its slight chill down his throat as he swallows. Setting the bottle aside, he glances to her, taking in the sight of her skin. Smiling, he continues to let his eyes roam her form; from the curves of her hips to the way her cheeks have some beaded sweat.
                Licking his chapped lips, he thinks back to their sea of blankets. It was morning when he searched for her, their lips meeting and their skin yearning for the other. Together they could dance, but apart, they were clumsy.
                Reaching out a hand, he brushed it past her navel, returning to lay on his towel with a hand resting on her. Her eyes must have opened as she cracked a smile and ran her fingers through his hair. There wasn’t a need for words; just a touch of reassurance. Smirking to himself, he shut his eyes. They could swim again later.

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  1. Flash fiction is awesome! Cool to see you dabbling in it ^^