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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grand Piece

This is a "what if" to Inevitable. Enjoy!

Grand Piece               

            He cuddled the small blanketed bundle, holding her close in the late hour. She fussed, a sure sign she wanted sleep as much as he. Pressing his lips to her forehead, he stepped away from the window to a nightstand. Clicking a button on the tape deck, he smiled as the first track started to fill the room.
             Moving around the nursery in time, he glanced to the frame on the shelf. This was the first song they danced to at their wedding. This grand classical piece always seemed to calm their daughter. Smiling at the memory of his wife, he continued to twirl slowly about the room, reminiscing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dinner With the Family

Dinner was generally a pretty relaxing affair in the palace. In fact, James had gotten used to casual dining with the family, Lou included. He didn’t often take part in dinner, since much of the time he was off training or out partying; the latter was of course when he was finished with the former. And tonight was going to be no different in his mind. Sure, they were having the Gideons over, and he should probably be his well-behaved self… But he was also rushing to the palace after being out in the training field and forest of Cydonia for nearly five days. And there was no way to really appease anyone after you’d spent the past 120 hours in dismal conditions running maneuvers and sleeping less than two hours a night; that was if sleep was even possible with all the drills.

The Spare was relieved to finally be back among civilization – for at least a little bit. He and his mates from the unit had some good moments, and continued with the large amounts of male bonding and teamwork. A part of him wished they could go back out, but Royal duties were Royal duties; he couldn’t just ditch the dinner and leave Alfie hanging. That wouldn’t be a brotherly nor best man thing to do. So he rushed back to his apartment, showered – cause really all that mud wasn’t coming off easily – and put on the quickest thing he could. James reached the palace, without Adi on his arm, and rushed in to join those that were already at the table.