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Thursday, December 29, 2011


 Don't worry, I haven't died. Short story updates are in the works. Depends on what my inspiration strikes me with. Enjoy!


            “This is a bad idea,” she whispered, her voice as soft as a hummingbird’s heartbeat.
            “If this was a bad idea, we wouldn’t be dressed to the nines and waiting for our names to be called,” Zoe says, squeezing her hand tight, the only lifeline of reassurance. “She talked to them, okay?” Eyeing her brother, she watched him step out the doors with his girlfriend linked perfectly on his princely arm. They were greeted with flashbulbs and clapping.
            Shuffling forward, she held tight to the hand clutching her arm. The doors were closed, leaving them shrouded the shadows before their grand entrance. Catching a nod, Zoe looked to the one on her arm and cave her a brief, calming, kiss.
            “Inhale. Exhale. Smile.”
            “Her Royal Highness, Princess Zoe Allegra Alista! And Miss Terra Ann Welton!” The guard announced.
            Together, they smiled and stepped into the light.

Monday, December 12, 2011

For Her

Remember that time I updated twice in one week? Yeah, I don't either. 
I was listening to too much Adele. But eh, she sings some pretty snazzy songs. I can't complain. Enjoy! 

For Her

            Chewing on her lip she flipped through The Little Nickel, bargain hunting. The items were never nice, and certainly seemed less reputable than Craig’s List. But she wanted to find some deals; mostly to purchase more hokey items for her parent’s antique store. Sighing as she turned another page, her eyes strayed from the lists of solid oak tables and crystal lamps, and spotted the list of pets.
            Toying with the idea of splurging and getting an exotic bird or even wilder, a puppy, she stuffed the thought at the back of her mind. Turning the page in a hurry before she had convinced herself to dial for a pet, her eyes finally found the want-ads. Snickering at the idea of finding true love in these grimy pages, she locked on the face of a couple, looking at her.
           Staring for several moments, tracing the shapes of their faces with her eyes, she read the description below their image. Loving couple searching for a—she ceased. It was impossible to take her eyes off the woman’s façade. She knew every curve and the shape of her lips; the dimples she had adored all through college.
            Married. She was married; all those dreams she had whispered across the pillow had come true… and back then, she wavered. One day she wanted them together; the next she wanted to be the one everyone wanted. The girl all the boys lusted. And here she could wish for nothing but the best for her.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


 What is this? An update? I've never heard of such a thing! 

Don't worry, I didn't die. November was NaNoWriMo, so I was super busy. But anyway, this update happened. That's new. 


She smiled from behind his sunglasses, feeling successful in having snatched them off his face. Now having them adorn her own, she smiled and kissed him briefly. He wasn’t acting as weird as he had the first time. In an attempt to snag them back while their lips touched, she ducked and laughed, jumping a few paces away from him. Frowning at the fact, he lunged again, still finding her out of his reach. Sticking out her tongue, she skipped away, urging him to follow.
            “Come on, Matt. I’m not going to give in that easy,” she said, winking at him just above his sunglasses. Smirking, he approached her and finally gave chase the instant she ran off. They ran through the park in a circle, dodging others as they casually strolled along. Laughing, Alex stumbled and turned, landing on their blanket. He lay next to her.
            “I’d like those back please,” he said, holding out his hand. Hesitating, she reached over and traced a finger gently over the scars where his left eye should have been. Having heard the stories, it explained his aversion to fireworks. She liked seeing him like this; without his shades to protect him and provide him a shield.
            “Maybe later,” she smirked, rolling on her back and pushing the frames up.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


 Wow, long time no update. Maybe I was just hoping to write for a different character and neglected my others. So this character decided he wanted attention. At least it's something. Not much, but something. Enjoy! 


“What’s wrong, Charles? You look troubled,” he said, sipping his morning tea; the other seemed hesitant in the doorway of the kitchen.
            “Morning, Devan,” he greeted, giving a curt nod before going for a mug of coffee. He could tell this wasn’t really his brother. It was one of them. Those voices Devan developed years ago. It’s those same manifestations that made his fiancé nervous.
            “Out with it. Say what’s lurking in the eaves of your mind,” Devan said, a certain lilt to his voice. Charlie hadn’t caught it the first time, but now he knew this was that personality. Then again, Devan never called him “Charles” unless it was under his guidance. “I hope you’re not as silent with Rose as you are with me. Otherwise I’d be concerned of your relationship.”
            “Taken your pill today, Dev?” He was tense, waiting for the response in hopes it wouldn’t trigger an outburst. There was something about this personality that made him anxious; or rather, set him on edge when they spoke. The bouts of verbal sparring—even with a writer such as himself—exhausted him.
            “It’ll be consumed in due time. Nothing you should fret over,” Devan said, another sip from his tea.
            “Devan, you need to take your meds consistently. You always have and you promised you would with Rose living here,” Charlie said, knowing his brother , or a part of him, wasn’t a fan of her.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Arms crossed, he stood parallel to Adi as she huffed about the kitchen in their flat. She’d been trying for the better part of an hour to convince him they should go out to a club. But he wouldn’t hear of it. The last thing he wanted was to be among hordes of people so close to his most recent jaunt to a club with his wild girlfriend.
            “We can’t just be homebodies and stay locked in the flat all night,” she protested, setting her glass of wine down with force.
            “We’ve been over this. I can’t always be wild and set a bad image. I’m a Prince for Christ-sake! I’ve got admirers and children that look up to me,” he said.
            “The old Royal bats could care less what the spare prince does, James,” Adi said, rolling her eyes. Jaw set, James shook his head.
            “Go to the club on your own. You don’t understand anything I’ve said.” Turning, he headed for the couch, ready to spend this Friday night in.
            “You’re just trying to be boring to impress Lou! You already know she’ll never accept your affection! I’m the only one that loves you!”
            “You don’t understand anything, Adi! You weren’t born into Royalty. You can live a mostly normal life! I am forever in Al’s shadow and must follow in his footsteps. I can’t just bring dishonor to the crown. I’ve got to be a Prince and be someone my family can be proud of. I can’t just party all the time. I have a job and a life that I need to take seriously,” James said, his voice raised from frustration. “Have a nice time clubbing. I’ll be gone in the morning,” he said, turning to gather his things to leave the flat.
            “You’re leaving me?”
            “You can stay here for the rest of the year. The lease is covered until then.”

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sisterly Care

            He took his time on each step, holding his breath with each footfall. Shuffling along at a pace slower than his grandmum, the double-doors of the residence opened, letting the youngest Royal continue through. Unaware how much the family heard—whether the media had gotten wind and spread word on the news—or if they were all blissfully out of the loop, he headed for his room. In his wake, he left muddy bootprints across the shiny marble. Still adorned with his dirty military fatigues, he paused at the bottom of the stairs and stared up. Unsure if he could convince himself he needed to walk up them to lay down, he leaned against the railing, debating his options.
            “Forget how to go up the stairs, Billy?” Lou wandered into the grand entryway, having noticed he was lingering by the stairs. Straightening slowly as he was torn from his thoughts he smiled to his soon-to-be sister-in-law.
            “Afternoon, Lou. I hope you’re doing well,” James said, keeping one hand on the railing to keep himself somewhat upright.
            “Home early for the dance tonight?” Lou said, figuring that was why he seemed to have come right from training. She glanced at his muddy prints and then back to the young Prince.
            “Yeah, something like that,” he said, barely managing a shrug with a crooked smile. The pain killers had effectively worn off, along with his adrenaline.
            “I’m sure scraping all that mud off isn’t going to be easy for you. Don’t be too long trying to get clean. Adi doesn’t like it when you’re late,” Lou said, smacking his back and poking him playfully. In an instant he was nearly doubled over and pale. Kneeling next to him, she placed a gentle hand on his back. “James, are you alright?”
            “I wish I could say yes,” he said, taking slow, shallow breaths in an attempt to curb his pain-induced nausea. Feeling Lou’s eyes on him, he gave her a half-hearted smile, knowing her mind was full of questions as to his current predicament. “It seems word has yet to reach the palace then….” James said.
            “Word of what?” Lou was not amused at how he side-stepped an answer. Concern in her eyes as she watched her almost-little-brother, she helped him stand up properly.
            “Training didn’t go as expected today. I fell while rappelling down one of our training towers,” he said, placing a hand gingerly on his side; even the slightest bit of pressure hurt. “My ribs broke my fall.”
            “Come on, let’s get you lying down,” she said, putting his arm about her shoulders and helping him upstairs.
            “Lou, really. It’s fine. You don’t need to get mud on your clothes for my sake,” James said in protest, though he knew she was going to help him, no matter the fight he put up. They took the steps slowly, and strolled towards his room. Being eased onto his bed, he watched Lou remove his boots. Without caring, she walked into his closet and dug out a pair of sweats—probably the only piece of untailored clothing he owned—and handed them to him. She disappeared in search of some pain killers and an ice pack. Upon her return, she smiled seeing he was asleep across his bed. Setting the procured items on the bedside table, she put a spare blanket over him and kissed his forehead.
            “Rest well, Billy,” she said, leaving his room to return to Al.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soon Enough

             He paced around the jet, rubbing his hands and ear by his hearing aid. With her feet tucked under her on the couch, Calli watched her boyfriend. For the past few weeks he had assured her he was ready to meet her parents; now she wasn’t so sure. The previous morning he had been tense through breakfast – almost unable to eat – and was continually checking that he had a pair of black dress socks for the appropriate formal occasion that could arise.
            “Casey, please, come sit and relax,” she said, watching as he made another pass before finally turning as her voice seemed to break him from panicked thoughts.
            “Are you sure dhis is a good idea? I don’ dhink I’m dhe one dhey wan’ ‘o see you widh,” he said, rubbing his face and taking a few more steps around the cabin of the private jet.
            “Well, it’s a little late to turn back now. We’ve been in the air for nearly four hours,” she said, patting the cushion next to her. He sank next to her and hid his face in his hands.
            “I jus’ don’ wan’ ‘o make a bad firs’ impression and embarrass you,” he said, looking at his girlfriend. She placed a hand on his cheek, smiling softly and brushing her thumb over his skin.
            “They will love you and understand why I love you,” she said, grabbing a blanket and putting it over him. “Just rest. We’ll be there soon enough.”