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Monday, December 12, 2011

For Her

Remember that time I updated twice in one week? Yeah, I don't either. 
I was listening to too much Adele. But eh, she sings some pretty snazzy songs. I can't complain. Enjoy! 

For Her

            Chewing on her lip she flipped through The Little Nickel, bargain hunting. The items were never nice, and certainly seemed less reputable than Craig’s List. But she wanted to find some deals; mostly to purchase more hokey items for her parent’s antique store. Sighing as she turned another page, her eyes strayed from the lists of solid oak tables and crystal lamps, and spotted the list of pets.
            Toying with the idea of splurging and getting an exotic bird or even wilder, a puppy, she stuffed the thought at the back of her mind. Turning the page in a hurry before she had convinced herself to dial for a pet, her eyes finally found the want-ads. Snickering at the idea of finding true love in these grimy pages, she locked on the face of a couple, looking at her.
           Staring for several moments, tracing the shapes of their faces with her eyes, she read the description below their image. Loving couple searching for a—she ceased. It was impossible to take her eyes off the woman’s fa├žade. She knew every curve and the shape of her lips; the dimples she had adored all through college.
            Married. She was married; all those dreams she had whispered across the pillow had come true… and back then, she wavered. One day she wanted them together; the next she wanted to be the one everyone wanted. The girl all the boys lusted. And here she could wish for nothing but the best for her.

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