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Thursday, October 6, 2011


 Wow, long time no update. Maybe I was just hoping to write for a different character and neglected my others. So this character decided he wanted attention. At least it's something. Not much, but something. Enjoy! 


“What’s wrong, Charles? You look troubled,” he said, sipping his morning tea; the other seemed hesitant in the doorway of the kitchen.
            “Morning, Devan,” he greeted, giving a curt nod before going for a mug of coffee. He could tell this wasn’t really his brother. It was one of them. Those voices Devan developed years ago. It’s those same manifestations that made his fiancĂ© nervous.
            “Out with it. Say what’s lurking in the eaves of your mind,” Devan said, a certain lilt to his voice. Charlie hadn’t caught it the first time, but now he knew this was that personality. Then again, Devan never called him “Charles” unless it was under his guidance. “I hope you’re not as silent with Rose as you are with me. Otherwise I’d be concerned of your relationship.”
            “Taken your pill today, Dev?” He was tense, waiting for the response in hopes it wouldn’t trigger an outburst. There was something about this personality that made him anxious; or rather, set him on edge when they spoke. The bouts of verbal sparring—even with a writer such as himself—exhausted him.
            “It’ll be consumed in due time. Nothing you should fret over,” Devan said, another sip from his tea.
            “Devan, you need to take your meds consistently. You always have and you promised you would with Rose living here,” Charlie said, knowing his brother , or a part of him, wasn’t a fan of her.

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