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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cowardly Lion

            He was rooted just outside the door. A cacophony of voices flooded the otherwise quiet hallway each time it was opened. Trying to work himself up to entering, he would back away and pace by the windows. The way he paced reminded him of a caged tiger. But he was no fearless tiger; more like the Cowardly Lion.
            Crowds were never his “thing.” In fact, he had done well to avoid them, especially when located in small spaces. Now, he could never get away. Being married to a princess had its benefits… and of course his biggest fear. Swallowing as he tugged at his tie, he once again approached the door—unfortunately chickening out at the last minute. Returning to the windows in defeat, he sighed.
            Someone must have mentioned to the princess that her husband was struggling, for moments later, she came around the corner. She glowed as she approached, her smile instantly brightening his otherwise dismal mood.
            She needn’t speak a word. Slipping her hand in his, their fingers entwined and she pressed her lips to his. The shaking he had developed  seemed to dissipate as they separated. Fixing his tie with her free hand, she turned and took his arm.
            They would enter together.

1 comment:

  1. This is super cute!

    There are a few places where I feel like the syntax doesn't quite match up: "The way he moved reminded him of a caged tiger." this is awkward, is he watching himself from outside himself? That kind of thing.

    Otherwise, I quite like it. I'd actually love to see this extrapolated upon. I think you could tell a really interesting story with this in 200 some word snippets ^^