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Friday, March 25, 2011

Morning Trek {ver. 2.0}

I love the minds of children, and how creative they can be. It's why I love watching Toy Story so much, especially TS3 because Bonnie is the child all of us remember being and still wish we were (in some ways). This is dedicated to the little boy I drive by with his dad every morning. I hope he continues to have as grand of adventures as I did.

Morning Trek

The birds had yet to greet the rising sun. In fact, the sun hadn’t even graced the tree tops to light his way. Villagers were still dozing in their beds, remaining close to loved ones and happy to burrow in the warmth of their blankets. But that wasn’t the same for this pair. They continued towards their destination; a monster that would take them to another far off land. Exhaling, their breath spiraled into the chilly air.
            Yesterday, they were in a desert, protecting the townsfolk as a sheriff and his trusty steed. The bandits that terrorized the lazy town always sent up a dust cloud in their wake—a warning of their impending arrival. But he was always prepared to ward them off with some quick shooting before swinging by the saloon for a tall glass of chocolate milk.
            Today, he was going to battle a ferocious dragon. His stallion was once again by his side, ready to help him defeat this beast that would unavoidably whisk the pair off in his belly. They would be separated for a time after the battle, only to be reunited to return to his plucky little village on the hillside. He wanted to make his family proud of his victories.
            Tomorrow, pirate aliens would invade, leaving him the savior of the universe to fight them off. And perhaps there would be help from the dinosaurs, ninjas and superheroes on vacation from their own cities.
            The young knight was brought from his thoughts as his horse tugged on his arm; a signal he was lagging behind. In moments, he was properly saddled, riding high for the remainder of the journey. Judging by his surroundings, they were steadily nearing the dragon’s hunting spot—one of many. Soon, his battle would begin.

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