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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Morning Trek

Every morning driving to work, I see this father and son walking to the nearest bus stop. I don't know how far away they walk from, or how early the two of them get up. But I've always wondered where they go once they get on the bus. I assume work and preschool/daycare, but perhaps they have a grand adventure every day. This is definitely going to be rewritten in the future.

Morning Trek         

            The birds had yet to greet the rising sun. In fact, the street lights were lit, their orange glow gracing the sidewalk. Few cars passed, and even less departed the drive ways they strolled by. Quiet. Together, the pair continued on. Their destination was far ahead; a bus stop that would be to work and preschool. Exhaling, their breath spiraled and disappeared in the chilly air.
            The smaller lagged behind, his shorter legs unable to keep up with his dad’s. For a moment, the man paused to let him catch up; it was early for a small child to be awake, even if they did this every morning. Picking up the boy, he settled him on his shoulders and they continued their trek.
            Down another street and a short hill, they finally reached the crosswalk—almost there. A lone car slowed, letting them cross. Resting on the shoulders of his personal giant, he held on with one hand while the other tried to warm the tip of his nose. The bus would be warm, and he could nap until they arrived. That’s what he always looked forward to.

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