"Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet." Cyrus Farivar

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Morning

            They sprinted across the sand; strewn shoes and socks left in their wake. The shore had yet to see sunlight. All they had to light their way were the beams from the coupe parked at the top of a dune. Laughing as they watched the waves crash on the beach, they stopped just beyond its reach.
            It tasted of salt, unmistakable being this close to the ocean. Hours had passed since they had left home. They wanted to see the ocean. The roar from the water greeted them, congratulating the group of their journey. No one had yet to set a toe into the vast liquid before them. Daring each other, they paused, trying to decide who would be brave enough to test its temperature.
            Shivering slightly at the wind, one took a step forward, leaving behind the slight warmth of the dry sand. A chill went up her spine as her bare feet moved towards the ebbing waves. Cold washed over her feet, she yelped in surprise. Others joined her, equally startled by the frigid water. Chuckling together, they wandered back up the beach to pause.
            The horizon’s edge slowly revealed a sliver of light, the colors going from black to blues. Finally, the sun was welcoming them; commending them on the accomplishment of the previous night. This was the start of an adventure. A new morning at what felt like the edge of the world.

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