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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


 A potential for April's Flash Party theme of "The Long Drive." Yeah, it's early, and it feels early. Hahahaha. But please enjoy, even though I have no idea where they were headed.


            He curled into the front seat, eyes watching the rivulets of rain descend the smooth glass. Glancing to his Aunt, he could see her focus as she drove. It had been hours since they spoke. The radio had long been turned off—a lack of good news and reception.
            There hadn’t been a plan on the destination. She hauled him from his bed and forced him in the car. It had been the wee hours of the morning; birds had yet to sing their greetings to the sun and most hadn’t left for work. Virtually everything they owned had been left behind. Some boxes were on the backseat, but their contents were unknown to him. His only companion, Tosha, sprawled across a blanket on the floor.
            “I could drive too,” he offered, breaking the silence. Studying his Aunt, she continued with her eyes on the road.
            “You’ve no idea what to do,” she murmured. “More dangers lurkin’ about.”
            “If you tell me where we’re goin’ I could—“
            “Drivin’ straights all you need knowin’. You’ll be safe soon.” The roar of the engine filled the silence. Shifting in the seat, his eyes returned to stare out at the brooding clouds.

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