"Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet." Cyrus Farivar

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


            Despite the lingering heat, people were still bundling up; soon a breeze would sweep the warmth out to sea and the cool air would take its place. A radio blared somewhere in the throng, adding to the cacophony of voices. People lounged, anticipating the upcoming show. Anxious parents gave their watches furtive glances.
            He on the other hand, wasn’t planning on watching the spectacle. The last thing he wanted was to be among a crowd. But there Summer stood, arms crossed and standing with Spring. She giggled at something he said, leaning on him as they stood more among the crowd. Looking casually over to Fall, she remained reclined in her chair, stoic and disinterested.
            A loud bang caught everyone’s attention; the darkened sky suddenly lit with a brilliant gold.
            Iron, he thought; other colors started to pop and sizzle, making it rain glitter. The blue of copper made a smiley face; Spring brightened as more colors joined in the display.
            Strontium, Barium and aluminum followed in quick succession, adding more shapes to the smoky skyline. Hearing oohs and aahs, he rolled his eyes. Few people understood the science behind these explosive shows; all they enjoyed were the colors. But it was probably better this way. Fireworks could be dubbed a thing of magic to children and none would be the wiser.
            A rainbow of metals littered the night.
            As the grand finale illuminated the faces, the last bang was a downpour of burning flakes. Cheers erupted from the crowd before people started to gather their things. His mind wandered to why it smelled of rotten eggs. Overhearing parents explain to their children, he snickered when they claimed it to be sulfur. Oh if only they knew the truth, Winter thought.

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