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Friday, April 8, 2011


I've been listening to White Rabbit from the Sucker Punch soundtrack a lot. That version, and another by The Blue Man Group. This is a working title, cause I can't think of anything else. 

Tea -        

            He laughed at the absurdity of it all. The words that sprang from the 'pillar’s mouth were certainly nothing he should be concerning himself with. Shaking his head as the caterpillar continued, he finally had heard enough, and placed his teacup back on the mismatched saucer at his seat.
            “That’s preposterous. Obviously this is some imagined story due to all the time you waste with that pipe of yours,” he spat, not sure how much longer he could listen to him talk.
            “She came from above. I know she did,” the other answered, taking another drag off his pipe before he exhaled circles of colored smoke. Each ring made a slow ascent before finally altogether disappearing.
            “If you spent your time wiser, I’m sure you’d realize that drug has most certainly gone to your brain,” he said, his gaze holding firm.
            “I think it’s a marvelous story! Perhaps she could join us for tea!” Hatter grinned, gesturing to all the empty seats around the table. “
            “This she he speaks of won’t be joining anyone. We should be focusing on more important matters; Like keeping your heads down so you don’t anger the Queen.” The last thing the rabbit wanted to do was spend his days defending his friends against the Queen’s court.
            “She’ll come, you’ll see, Whitey,” the Caterpillar said.
            “Don’t utter a word of your nonsense to the Queen or any of her cards. You’ll lose your head,” the rabbit said, a finger pointed at the caterpillar.
            “Perhaps she’ll find me insightful.” Whitey’s nose twitched in his annoyance.
            All he wanted was a peaceful moment for tea.

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