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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glossy Eyes

 This is what happens when I watch Toy Story 3, and remember when I would have adventures like Bonnie. I think this deserves a rewrite later though.

Glossy Eyes

            He dug through the contents of the box, not quite sure what to expect. Initially, he was supposed to be sorting through things to decide what to donate. Several boxes sat around his home office, delivered unceremoniously by his mom. Pulling out a few worn concert shirts bearing bands that had long since broken up, he added them to a growing pile. A part of him hoped there was a hefty price online for these rock and roll treasures. Just as it seemed he was reaching the end of the box, his phone buzzed. Digging in his pocket, he managed to answer before the ringing stopped.
            “Hi Jodi… yeah, just looking at some stuff my mom dropped off,” he said, returning his attention to the box. The person on the other end continued, while he pulled open shirts and tossed them in box for donation. Reaching in, he felt around until his fingers finally brushed against something that certainly wasn’t a shirt.
            “Jodi, I need to call you back… Yeah… later,” he said, hanging up without another word. Staring into the cardboard package, he smiled.
            A pair of glossy eyes returned his gaze, unblinking; the marbled eyes were slightly chipped. The hair was matted, and patches were missing. But somehow, it looked the same as when he last saw him. Tentative, he pulled the plush bear out and examined its form. Smiling, he brushed a finger across the stitched smile and velvet nose.
            Staring at the stuffed animal, he thought about how much the teddy bear had been lugged around. This was quite the find in all the mixed boxes. His mind wandered to all the adventures he and Frazz had.
            “Daddy!” A small voice brought him out of his thoughts, as little arms hugged his neck. Grinning, he turned and cuddled the child. Setting the bear on his desk, he tickled the little boy’s sides.
            He could reminisce later.

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