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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We Already Do

Written to the song "99 & 9" by Each & All - a HR manager at my work. She is phenomenal and I love her voice.

118 words.

We Already Do          

            Feeling the breeze whip past them, they huddled on the sand, staring out into the gray. It was straight through the night, which brought them to the ocean. Shoulders touching, they shivered as the wind streamed through their clothes as though they had none.
            Reaching over, she opened the pot, holding the lid in the hand not clenching the container. The contents were swept up, spreading out over the sea and dunes. Only the crashing of the waves filled the silence. After several minutes, it was empty and they remained.
            “We’ll really miss you, Willow,” he said, eyes out on the water.
            A smile crept on her face, tears at the corners of her eyes. “We already do.”

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