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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trick Pony

I should really stop doing so much late night writing. But often times that's where I write the best.

376 words

Trick Pony

            Silas smirked, watching Charles pace; this was starting to become a common occurrence. “Haven’t you realized it yet, Charles? I’m only here when Devan is too afraid to say things to you or anyone,” he said, checking his nails.
            “Don’t grant yourself a fucking badge of bravery, Silas. Wouldn’t want your ego to get over inflated,” Charlie spat. “I’m his brother. Devan can tell me whatever the fuck he wants.”
            “He won’t. The last thing he wants is for you to commit him. And I’m sure that notion has passed through your mind on multiple occasions,” he said, looking at Charlie.
            “I promised our parents I wouldn’t do that, and I won’t,” Charlie said, stopping his movement to look at Silas. He took in the attire he had come to associate with this alter. “Just let me talk to Devan, Silas.” Staring down the personality with his arms crossed, he slammed his fists on the table not seeing him crack.
            “It’s not that simple, Charles. You know that,” Silas said, before his eyes got distant. Rolling his neck, he sighed before looking at him.
            “You’re not ready for it, Charlie,” Wally said, looking up at him, concern in his eyes. Charles rubbed his face, no longer hearing Silas’ accent.
            “Can’t you all just let me talk to my brother?”
            “Your fiancĂ© is scared of him, Charlie. And all Devan wants is for Rose to accept him. He won’t hurt her. None of us will,” Wally said, draping the vest over the back of the chair.
            “You don’t know that. None of you do,” Charlie argued. “We can just up his dosage schedule more appointments,” he reasoned, running his hand through his hair.
            “It’s not that simple, Charlie. More drugs just means he’ll stay home. Either find the right cocktail or don’t force him through this,” Wally pleaded.
            “I never asked for this. I never asked for my parents to adopt a kid that was fucking insane and then dump him on me when they died!”
            “He understands that, Charlie. And he thanks you for looking out for him… But shouldn’t you just let him be himself for once? Not some drugged out zombie.”
            “Let me talk to Devan!”
            “He’s your brother, Charlie. Not some trick pony.”

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