"Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet." Cyrus Farivar

Friday, June 24, 2011

Unforgotten Feelings

           They sat across the table, the blonde woman before him staring at his face. He wasn’t sure what was wrong—she seemed to be speechless but he was unsure why. All he knew was that this was the woman he had sketched, filling up two drawing books. She’d been the one to absorb his thoughts and enter his dreams. And now here she was in the flesh, and all either of them could do, was stare.
            Smiling, he sat, hoping he would speak. His heart beat out of his chest at the sight of this woman. She was everything he drew and more. Glancing at her hands as she clutched the glass of water her knuckles were white, he reached his hand out. Placing his hand on hers, he grinned. The simple wedding band on his finger gleamed up at her as he squeezed her hand gently to ease this tension she seemed to be overcome with.
            Her lips, having been pulled into a taught line, finally turned slightly, a small smile finally slipping on her fa├žade. Returning the expression, he started to pull his hand away, but was stopped when she took his. Following her eyes, he saw her gazing at his ring. He had no idea where it was from, but that it signified his union with someone. The inkling at the back of his mind that they were married made his heart race. She must have been the one.

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