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Monday, June 20, 2011

A Boy's Determination

I'm determined to pen a script for a Hey Arnold movie about him discovering his parents. Heck, it could be live-action, or another cartoon. But as long as we finally learn what happened to them in San Lorenzo. Major cliffhanger that I can't get out of my mind.

A Boy's Determination            

             Cloud slid overhead, moving in the distant wind. He’d been observing the movement for a time, no intention of vacating his spot anytime soon. Sighing, he rolled on his side and stared at the corkboard across the room. It was covered in pictures, paper articles he couldn’t quite read, maps, and other small trinkets. Reaching on his bedside shelf, he pulled down a simple framed picture. As many times as he’d heard the stories of his parents, he loved to hear how they met. His father grinned up at them, his goofy expression, arm in a sling, some band aids covering his cheeks, and sporting quite the black eye. Meanwhile, he mom stood by his side, laughing and holding his good hand gently. Together, they stood by a large tree, her head resting on his shoulder. Brushing his thumb across the glass, he set the picture aside.
            Perking up as he heard his friends laughing and playing some game in the street, he peered out his window into the alley. Having lost their baseball, it appeared they were playing a similar game with a crushed soda can. Resting his head on the sill, the boy gave a nod to his best friend, who waved at him. Departing the window he returned to his bed and snagged the journal that sat adjacent to the picture frame. Flipping through its contents, he sighed and took a long look at the map his father had scrawled on the final pages.
            Every night he’d stare at the images, burning them to memory. It was his ritual to remind himself where his goals were and what he needed to do to accomplish them. He’d find them in San Lorenzo, even if the sleeping sickness killed him to do it.

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