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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding Whispers

Finally the long awaited update! I've been busy in my new department at work, so it's been hogging my mind. Hopefully you won't have to wait so long!

Wedding Whispers

            It had been a nerve-wracking morning. He was up early thanks to his brother dragging him from bed. Breakfast followed, although he wasn’t sure he could keep it down with how his stomach kept clenching. A lot of people would be watching today, the thought making him even more anxious. After downing two cups of tea, he pulled on his tux.
            Leaving the room he had been given, he headed down to the car. It was about time he get to the church. Much to his chagrin, he had to wait while the rest of the events took place. Climbing from the car as it slid to a stop, he smiled and waved to the people cheering that had gathered outside. This was going to be his new life as a prince; continually being in the public eye with his soon-to-be wife and already princess.
            Hours passed as finally the guests started to arrive and take their seats. Peeking out, he could see that all the seats had been filled, including those for his family and the Royal Family. Pacing in the back room, he looked up as someone gave him his cue to enter. Taking a deep breath, he walked out to the altar, back turned. Staying quiet as the rest of the ceremony began, he could hear everyone stand as the music played and she walked down the aisle.
            Finally turning to see his bride, he grinned at how beautiful she was. Accepting her hand, they turned forward.
            “You look gorgeous,” he whispered.



    Love the role switch, too! Having a nervous prince-to-be just makes the scene all the cuter :]

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! We always see women marrying into the Royal Family, but I've always wondered what it would be like for a guy to be the one that is thrust into sudden celebrity.

    So much inspiration came from the Royal Wedding. Way too much, actually.

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!