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Monday, May 30, 2011

Forever Hold Your Peace

For some odd reason, I'm writing a lot of things about weddings lately. 

Forever Hold Your Peace        

 This entire scene felt wrong. Watching her approach as they stood along the altar, she tried to hide her glances. Her soul mate was marrying him. He was perfect, and everything she’d been searching for in a man. But despite everything she loved and disliked, they were still ready to tie the knot. She wanted to be with him. Except he didn’t know her. At least, he didn’t know her as well as he should.
            He didn’t know about her dark and twisty past, or the skeletons in her closet. There were habits she hid and problems she repressed. Everything she hated about herself, she buried deep.
            She didn’t hear the minister when he said “Speak now or forever hold your peace.” He didn’t need to utter those words – their marriage license had long since been signed. This was just the formal ceremony for family. Biting her lip, she waited patiently as everything pushed forward. It took all her might not to object. Everything in her being wanted to declare before God, the minister, their family and friends that they were not meant to be. Their marriage seemed of one out of convenience. Every expectation she wanted, he met and surpassed; each little box on her list was triple checked.
            Finally the “I do’s” were murmured, and it was official. Her best friend and soul mate was wed, and she would forever hold her peace.

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