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Sunday, August 19, 2012


This month's challenge was to write an entire story arc in only dialogue with any number of characters. I wanted to try out using some characters from some earlier works.


Rose: “He won’t go to his appointments, Charlie. They just keep calling and all I want is for him to go.”
Charlie: “Devan…”
Devan: “I go and I’m home.”
Charlie: “Are you missing your office visits?”
Silas:Obviously, you don’t trust the chap. “
Charlie: “Answer me straight. Have you gone to Dr. Hansen?”
Silas:She shouldn’t be here in our space, in our home.”
Devan: “Me, bus, Hansen, bus, home. I talk and I bus.”
Charlie: “Rose, maybe you’re napping when he leaves?”
Rose: “You’d believe him over me? Really, Charlie?”
Charlie: “Rose… I’ll try and keep an eye on him.”
Devan: “She wants me gone. Away. Not here.”
Silas: “She wants you caged. Kept away from her.”
Devan: “Schedule is set. I go and I’m home.”
Charlie: “He’ll go to the appointments and he’ll be out more. I’ll drive him there.”
Rose: “Charlie… you know he doesn’t like me. I don’t like him here.”
Charlie: “Rose, he’s still adjusting to everything.”
Devan: “Normal with us, with this.”
Silas:She’s the cause. She’ll never understand.”
Rose: “It’s been months, Charlie. He should be done with this immature act.”
Charlie: “…Okay.”

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