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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Action Figures and Trinkets

So I know it's been forever since I've posted anything. I would blame my English 101 course. It's been using up all of my spare writing time.

133 words. 

Action Figures and Trinkets

He dumped the contents of the box, eyeing the oddities. They were mementos from years past; things he used to hold dear, things he used to keep near. But here they were, haphazardly thrown into a box. His girlfriend noticed the items, picking up the action figures and trinkets.
            “Whose are these?” She turned an item over in her hand, trying to figure out the purpose. Perusing them, he frowned and kept quiet, the memories flooding his mind with each piece. “Babe?”
            “Who did these belong to? You?” She couldn’t see the sentimental value to these treasures as she dropped them back into the box. Glancing at her, he continued to observe for several moments. Catching sight of his reflection in an old mirror, he hesitated.
            “Just somebody I used to know.”

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