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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday Night

I'm discovering all these songs in my personal collection that I forgot I had. Music win. 

248 words. 

Friday Night
Wincing, he blinked a few times as the sunrays crossed his face. He didn’t remember making it to his bed, but as his eyes adjusted, that was certainly where he found himself. Rubbing his face, he frowned as someone shifted next to him and an arm draped across his torso. Peering at the arm from between his fingers, he followed it up to the owner.
            “This was unexpected,” he said, staring at the other occupant of his bed. The owner rolled over.
            “Go back to sleep,” the voice grumbled, half mumbled through a pillow. Seeing him shift again, they stared face to face.
            “Good morning, Elliot,” he said, staring at his best friend, promptly followed by a long stretch of silence.
            “Cam… what…?” His groggy friend seemed to sit up, glancing around the room at their current predicament.
            “Last night… did we...?” Elliot trailed, the alcohol still clouding his mind.
            “Yes…” Looking away, he focused on his hands.
            “Well, how was I?”
            Struggling to hold back a laugh, he smirked. This wasn’t how he imagined that party to end. Last Friday night had certainly done something to him – all that alcohol he wasn’t used to consuming.
            “You were fantastic,” Cam said, patting his friend’s arm.
            “I’m honored I got to experience your homosexuality, Cam,” Elliot said, sitting up. Expecting him to get up, Cam sat quietly. But he didn’t feel the bed shift in that direction. Glancing up to his friend, he was instead met with a kiss.

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