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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


           Bare feet stuck to the hardwood, a sound she would never forget. Sitting on the floor she watched her baby stand with help; she’d taken a tentative step. Bewildered and joyful in the same moment, she could see the bemused look in her daughter’s eyes. Gently holding her toddler hands, they shifted on the floor. Soon she’d be walking; Natalie knew that much. This girl was a surprise, a gift, and a struggle, all at once.
            Happy tears stung her eyes, knowing Gracie was going to embark on another milestone. Wiping away a stray tear at the corner, she led her forward, testing the girl’s balance. It was shaky and uncertain with each cautious step. They paused just as Grace stopped and fell. Scooping up the baby before she hit, she cuddled her and kissed her face, hearing her giggle and squeal in delight.
            “Good job, Gracie!” Hugging her baby, she laughed, before her smile turned sad and the stinging tears returned. She sat on the couch, feeling Grace snuggling for a nap, and held her as she started to doze. It was some minutes later that she could finally lay the girl on the couch. Crossing her legs on the rug, she wiped at more falling tears; once again her mind straying to the doctor’s words before they left the hospital mere days from her birth.
            Trying to stay strong for her husband, she glanced at the baby, eyes foggy with unshed tears. Grace would never hear her voice.

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